Trento, 09 January 2019

SuperLega, performance ranking force confirms the record of Itas Trentino

The great moment for Itas Trentino in SuperLega Credem Banca 2018/19 consists not only of their first position in the rank and of 41 points scored during the 16 turns of regular season (14 victories and just 2 defeats).
This extraordinary moment is confirmed by the championship performance ranking forces, which include all the statistics detected during the matches.
Lorenzetti’s team is the one that scored most points on the whole (1,051) and did most breaks: 425 against 421 of Perugia.
The World Champions stood out for their performance in attack phase, thanks to 803 winning smashes (13,38 per match - the second team is Sir Safety Conad with 13 points per set) and in block phase with 150 blocks. Only Verona (161) did better than that.
For the reception phase and at stroke, Itas Trentino occupies the fourth position with 4,95 perfect receptions and 1,63 ace (98 on the whole) per set.
This applies also taking in consideration the statistics of the individual players; in most performance ranking forces of the thirteen ones proposed by Lega Pallavolo Serie A on this link, Itas Trentino athlets are constantly present in the top ten. Absolute stars are Srecko Lisinac and Jenia Grebennikov. In average, the Serbian central is the best spiker of the championship, boasting an index of 8,08 that results from 67,3%, so far obtained during the first set, combined with the very low percentage of mistakes done and blocks incurred. In this particular ranking, Trento is the only team boasting three players in the first ten positions, thanks to Kovacevic in the fifth place and Vettori in the eighth. Lisinac excels also with the block: third place with 35 blocks in a ranking where also Candellaro (ninth position with 32 points) is not bad at all. The French libero instead is at the top of the perfect receptions‘ ranking (127 in total, 2,12 each set) and in average he conquers the third position in this fundamental, only behind Rossini and Danani. Finally, Kovacevic turns out to be the tenth scorer of SuperLega with his own 254 points, yet becoming the fourth in absolute if we only consider the break points he has done (110).

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