Trento, 17 April 2019

Statistics, over thousand points scored by Vettori with Trentino Volley

During the match of turn 1 of Semifinal Play Off Championship Credem Banca 2019, which was played on Tuesday evening at BLM Group Arena, the opposite Luca Vettori went beyond the enormous result of thousand points scored during official matches with Trentino Volley: 95 matches and 1,013 points, 10,6 per match on average.
Vettori scored 469 points during the 2017/18 season and 544 during the present one; he is the sixth opposite player who scored over 1000 points. Before him, there are other fourteen players: Kaziyski (4.945 points), Lanza (2.877), Juantorena (2.662), Birarelli (2.539), Stokr (2.536), Solé (1.681), Sokolov (1.425), Djuric (1.401), Vissotto (1.362), Kovacevic (1.211), Sartoretti (1.209), Winiarski (1.191), Giombini (1.116) and Nascimento (1.062).

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