Civitanova Marche, 19 April 2019

Cucine Lube Civitanova-Itas Trentino 3-1, the match report

Match 2 report. The starting six of the two teams are the same of last part of the match played at the BLM Group Arena on Tuesday evening. Lorenzetti confirms Giannelli as the setter, Vettori the opposite hitter, Kovacevic and Russell the spikers, Candellaro and Lisinac as the middle hitters and Grebennikov the libero. De Giorgi can count on Bruno as the setter, Sokolov the opposite hitter, Juantorena and Leal as the spikers, Diamantini and Simon the middle hitters, Balaso as the libero. Trento’s begin is very convincing, Lisinac scores many times and keeps a hold on the break point obtained by Kovacevic (3-1, 7-5). Two consecutive mistakes made by Russell allow the opponents to even the score and also get a point more (8-7). Itas Trentino does not quiver and starts again with Uros and with a single block of Vettori on Sokolov, that lead to a +3 advantage (13-10) forcing Cucine Lube to ask for a time out. As the match resumes, it is again the team from Trento that makes a show of force with the left-handed spiker (even an ace) and Vettori reaching +5 (16-11). Another ace, this time Vettori’s, increases the gap between the two teams (19-13), a gap that reaches its maximum when Candellaro scores two times in the break point phase (22-15). The set ends rapidly, already on 25-16.
Cucine Lube’s reaction arrives rapidly already at the begin of the second set with Leal that alone leads the team on 2-5. The time out asked by Lorenzetti put the team together (5-5), but later on it suffer from the service of the Cuban player and the blocks of the opponents (7-10, 8-13). Trento swerves in reception and gives space to the solo of the home players (18-10, 21-11), that with Juantorena quickly go towards the point of 1-1. Lorenzetti proposes many changes (on court Nelli, Van Garderen and Cavuto), having a positive response only during the final moments of the match (from 23-15 to 25-18).
The third set begins in a balanced way (3-3, 6-6), that dominates for a long time with the two teams that alternate the lead of the set (11-12, 15-14) giving a great show to the almost four thousands spectators in the arena. The break made by Sokolov gives +2 to the Cucine Lube (16-18), that later becomes +3 with Leal (17-20, time out Lorenzetti). Candellaro blocks the Bulgarian player (21-22), but Simon protects the minimum advantage until the very last moment (23-25).
Cucine Lube begins well also the fourth set, getting away on the 3-5 and then also on 7-10, after Trento (with Nelli as captain) caught up on 7-7 thanks to Russell. But Leal and Sokolov don’t give any space and lead the locals towards an increasingly clearer advantage (9-12, 10-16) that already establishes the 3-1 on the 13-25.

Trentino Volley Srl
Press Office