Trento, 24 April 2019

Semifinal of Play Off Scudetto Credem Banca 2019, match 4 on Thursday in Civitanova Marche

Match 4 of Semifinal of Play Off Scudetto Credem Banca 2019 will be played at the Eurosuole Forum of Civitanova Marche on Thursday 25th April.
For the second time in this series, Itas Trentino will take field in Civitanova Marche, trying to win this match, even the score and do not let the opponent use the second out of three opportunities to qualify. The match will begin at 6 pm: live on Radio Dolomiti and live on Lega Volley Channel at the link
Here Itas Trentino The success obtained on Monday in front of their audience, rose the odds of the World Champions, that now have to succeed in an even more difficult task, i  order to do not let its season end on this occasion. To play another match at the BLM Group Arena Trentino Volley needs to win at the Eurosuole, where it has never won in the last nine official matches.
“The fact that we have won match 3 hasn’t changed the situation, because every match we play is a challenge for us - explained the coach Angelo Lorenzetti by presenting the match - ; we are happy we managed to extend the series but we still have a point less, 1-2, and our task has become harder, because now we have to succeed in gaining a result we have never obtained in Civitanova. We want to be under the spotlight once again, trying to learn from the previous match in Civitanova, during which we had a good level only in two of the four sets. If we’ll manage to face our opponents on equal terms in each set, we will be able to play the trump card and hope to reach match 5.”
Itas Trentino left today early in the afternoon to reach Civitanova, after having carried out the last training at the BLM Group Arena at lunch time. The usual last training before the match will be held at the Eurosuole on Thursday in the morning; an useful session to check the conditions of the whole roster and decide which strategy to adopt, bearing in mind that during the previous match the coach has made many changes to obtain the result.
Match 4 of Semifinal will be the 52nd match of Trentino Volley’s season, all in all the 815th official one, the 118th of Play Off Scudetto (70 won, 47 lost).
Two victories and four losses in the previous match 4 of Semifinal Trentino Volley has already taken part six times (aut of 16 participations) in a match 4 of Semifinal, in the past, winning twice and losing four times. The two success were the 3-2 against Lube in Civitanova in 2010 and the 3-0 against Perugia in 2018; the losses were the 2-3 against Treviso at the PalaTrento in 2006, the 1-3 at the PalaPanini in 2011 and at the PalaTrento in 2016 against Modena and the 0-3 against Perugia at the PalaEvangelisti in 2017.
The opponents The loss in Trento on 22th April ended the long row of sixteen consecutive wins of Cucine Lube Civitanova that has lasted almost two years and a half between regular season matches, Champions League and Play Off Scudetto ones. The other most recent loss was in Bologna, on 10th February, in the Final of Coppa Italia 2019 against Perugia after five intense sets. Such an intensity appeared also during match 1 and 3, but only partially during match 2 in Civitanova. Playing at home rarely did the opponents lose,there, they have won twenty of the twenty-one official matches played; the most recent loss was a 3-0 against Perugia on 1st November 2018. After that ko it has won nineteen times in a row.
Previous records After Modena (72 matches), Cucine Lube is the opponent that has faced Trentino Volley the most in official matches: all in all 67 (of these eleven in Play Off Scudetto), Lube has won 35 times whereas Trento 32. In the current season the two teams have already faced each other seven times, on these occasions Lube has always won except for the Final of World Club Cup 2018 in Czestochowa on 2nd December (3-1 win for Trento) and the match on Easter Monday (3-2 win). Trentino Volley’s last win in CIvitanova has been on 10th February 2013 (3-1), when the structure still was the Fontescodella in Macerata. Since they moved to the new structure in Civitanova Marche, Trento has won in none of previous nine matches, included the ones played during this championship (2-3 loss on 4th November in regular season, ko in four sets in match 2 on 19th April). Reaching the fifth set has been a very frequent ending when those two team had to face each other; in 39% of cases  (26 out a total of 67) the match was decided at the tie break.
The series Cucine Lube Civitanova has a point more (2-1) in this series of semifinal to be played best of five thanks to the 3-2 win in match 1 on 16th April at the BLM Group Arena (sets: 20-25, 25-23, 19-25, 28-26, 21-19), to the 3-1 win in match 2 at the Eurosuole Forum on 19th April (set: 16-25, 25-18, 25-23, 25-13) and thanks to the 3-2 loss against Trento during match 3 at the BLM Group Arena on 22th April (set: 23-25, 25-22, 24-26, 25-23, 16-14). Match 4 on Thursday will be the last one if De Giorgi’s team manages to win; if Trento wins, they will need to play another match at the BLM Group Arena on Sunday, 28th April at 6 pm. Whoever will pass this round will have access to the Final (another series of five matches starting on 1st May) and face the winner between Perugia and Modena (Modena 1, Perugia 2, on Thursday match 4 at the PalaPanini).
The referees Referees of the match will be Luca Sobrero (from Carcare - Savona, tenured since 1996 and on international occasions since 2004) and Marco Braico (from Torino, in A Series since 2003). It is the second match of SuperLega Credem Banca 2018/19 that the couple referees, the fifteenth for Sobrero (referee of Padova-Trento, 3-1 on 7th April ) and the thirteenth for Braico, who, in this season, has already refereed Trento-Vibo, 3-0 on 1st November 2018 and Trento-MOnza, 3-1, on 23rd March.
Radio, TV and Internet The match will be available live on Radio Dolomiti, Trentino Volley’s network partner. Live on “Campioni di Sport” the sport container of Lube. The frequencies to listen to the regional network are available at the link, where it is also possible to listen to the radio commentary on live streaming. There will also be the possibility to watch the match on live video streaming on “Lega Volley Channel” at the link (paid service). The whole match can be watch deferred on Sunday 27th at 9 pm and at midnight on RTTR channel, TV partner of Trentino Volley. On the Internet, the updates will be managed by Lega Pallavolo Serie A ( and by also on its social media (  e

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