Trento, 09 May 2019

Grebennikov at “Gazzetta Night”, the event to promote the new Gazzetta dello Sport

On Thursday evening, at  Spazio Antologico of via Mecenate in Milan, La Gazzetta dello Sport celebrated the "Gazzetta Night" with its new editorial project. Among the many personalities of the world of sport present there was also the libero of  Itas Trentino Jenia Grebennikov who,  with Andrea Ranocchia, Clemente Russo, Andrea Cassarà, Dan Peterson, Walter Zenga and several menagers of football society of Serie A, inaugurate the restyling of the newspaper.
"The disappointment for the elimination from the Play Off Scudetto has already been worked off, also because our season has been very rich in satisfactions - has told Grebennikov to Official Gazzetta TV - . I am happy to be at this event, also because I am a reader of this newspaper; I do it gladly when it talks about Trentino Volley. One day I would like to find a page that celebrates the victory of Trento in the Champions League; in volleyball we have a phenomenon and it is my Captain, Simone Giannelli”.

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