Trento, 19 May 2019

Candellaro, Cavuto and Nelli among the 14 Italian players called up for Italy-Japan

In preparation for the debut in Volleyball Nations League 2019, the Italian National team  will train, during next week, in Cagliari and will also have to  play two test matches – the only ones before the beginning of the annual championship. On Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th May the Italian players will play against Japan in Sardinia at the PalaPirastu starting from 8.00 p.m.. Among the 14 players called up by the Coach Blengini  three Itas Trentino’s players stand out, the middle-blocker Davide Candellaro, the spiker Oreste Cavuto and the opposite spiker Gabriele Nelli, that had already done a stage in Rome during the last few weeks. The other called up players are: Riccardo Sbertoli, Andrea Argenta, Giulio Pinali, Nicola Pesaresi, Daniele Lavia, Alberto Polo, Giacomo Raffaelli, Oleg Antonov, Roberto Russo, Luca Spirito e Simone Anzani. The first of the two friendly matches will be broadcasted live on Canale YouTube della Federvolley.

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