Trento, 31 May 2019

De Angelis talk about the second week of post-season training

A double morning session of training (weights and technique at the BLM Group Arena) concluded today the second week of post-season training for the Under-25 players.
Compared to the first week, the work proposed by Angelo Lorenzetti and his staff to the fifteen athletes has become even more intense.
"I have been doing this for four years, and I think it is very useful to improve and work on some aspects that during the championship cannot be treated with so much attention - the libero Carlo De Angelis explained at Trentino Volley TV - . Moreover, waiting until August for training would be damaging. I'm taking advantage of the on new training methods of Lorenzetti on the fundamental of defense and on the position to be kept in the field to be able to be more efficient. We are a very cohesive group, working together with pleasure and intensity. The libero role is particular because you are noticed more when you make mistakes rather than when you do something right and then you have to have a great mental capacity to not think about the possible mistakes you make during a game or even a simple workout. Having had an example like Grebennikov for the whole season was very useful; Jenia is a player, able to take responsibility during important moments".
On Monday 3rd of June the training session for the third working period will start with an afternoon training.

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