Trento, 10 June 2019

BLM Group Arena, the last week of post-season activity begins

During the afternoon fifteen players under 25 (seven of them are players of Trentino Volley) restarted training at the BLM Group Arena in Trento for the fourth week of post-season activity with Angelo Lorenzetti and his staff.
This is the last period of this amazing project, in which around thirty players have participated in different moments. During the last five days the libero Tosi (who played with Latina during the last season), the wing spiker Astarita (who grew up with Trentino Volley) and the setter Primoz (who already participated in the 2018 edition) joined the team.
The aim of Trentino Volley, which has organised this project for the fourth consecutive year, won’t change during the last week: they want to give young players the opportunity to improve their physical conditions and their individual qualities. For this reason they have organised other six training sessions: two of weight and four of technique, which will last around two hours and a half. On Friday morning they will participate in the final session, directed by Alessandro Guazzaloca.

The roster of the players of this week (in brackets their role, age, club and the last championship played): Daniele Albergati (opposite, 1993, Motta di Livenza – Serie B), Francesco Astarita (wing spiker, 1994, Taviano – Serie A2), Alberto Baldazzi (opposite, 1998, Cisano Bergamasco – Serie A2), Lorenzo Codarin (middle-blocker, 1996, Trento - SuperLega), Carlo De Angelis (libero, 1996, Trento - SuperLega), Davide De Giorgio (opposite, 1999, Trento – Serie B), Andrea Hueller (setter, 1996, Olbia – Serie B), Filippo Pizzini (setter, 1999, Trento – Serie B), Mejal Primoz (setter, 1999, Ok Maribor - Slovenia), Federico Rossatti (wing spiker, 1994, Arno Castelfranco – Serie B), Francesco Sideri (wing spiker, 1998, Gioia del Colle – Serie A2), Francesco Simoni (middle-blocker, 1999, Trento – Serie B), Fatijon Tasholli (wing spiker, 1999, Brescia - Serie A2), Federico Tosi (libero, 1986, Latina - SuperLega).

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