Trento, 12 July 2019

Nicola Daldello, another season with Itas Trentino: his contract has been renewed

The summer season keeps confirming Itas Trentino’s players, not only the starting six but also some players that support the first-string lineup. After the libero Carlo De Angelis, also the Nicola Daldello’s contract has been renewed. For another season he will be the alternative to Simone Giannelli.
During the first season in Trento, Daldello showed great potential and to be able to help the team with his ability. Trentino Volley had already recognised all these characteristics twelve months ago when he had arrived in Trento from Milan.
“Daldello is a real professional and a hard worker – the President Diego Mosna said – ; with his attitude and his way to train in the gym contributed to the group’s growth. We are happy that he can continue to work with us”.
“They renewed my contract and I am so proud of it because it means that I have been working hard and they have appreciated it Nicola Daldello explained – . I am very happy to continue to play in Trento, where there is a great situation to play high-level volleyball. At the same time I am glad that the management confirmed most players of the last season’s roster, because we became a great team in a short time and we could start the next championship in the best way. My role in this team is clear and I like it; Giannelli does not need any advice because he is an expert, but if I could be helpful I am going to do whatever the team needs. I also know Cebulj well, one of the few new players of the roster, because I shared with him a season in Milan; Klemen has great talent: he has all he needs to stand out and I hope he will grow a lot in Trento”.

Player’s data
was born in Treviso on the 6th May 1983
185 cm, role setter
1999/03 Sisley Treviso youth and B2
2003/04 Lae Electronic Oderzo B1
2004/05 Lae Electronic Oderzo B1
2005/06 Lae Electronic Oderzo B1
2006/07 Blue City Trento B1
2007/08 Framasil Cucine Pineto A2
2008/09 Pallavolo Bedizzole B1
2009/10 Volley Correggio B1
2010/11 Cortona Volley B1
2011/12 Sir Safety Perugia A2
2012/13 Sir Safety Perugia A1
2013/14 Globo Banca Popolare del Frusinate Sora A2
2014/15 Altotevere Città di Castello – Sansepolcro SuperLega
2015/16 Gi Group Monza SuperLega
2016/17 Gi Group Monza SuperLega
2017/18 Revivre Milano SuperLega
2018/19 Itas Trentino SuperLega
2019/20 Itas Trentino SuperLega

1 Club World Cup (2018)
1 CEV Cup (2019)
1 Italian Championship Serie A2 (2012)
3 Under 20 Italian Championships (2001, 2002, 2003)
1 Italian Championship Serie B1 (2011)

With Trentino Volley
Debut on 28th October 2018 (Perugia-Trento 3-1)
15 participations (15 in 2018/19)
1 point (1 in 2018/19)

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