Trento, 21 September 2019

Preparation, the fifth week of activity is over. The activities will start again on Monday

With more than a month of activity already carried out, the six players and the staff continue their work in the best possible way, starting to collect the first positive results. This is confirmed by the five sets played in the official test of Wednesday afternoon against Serie A2 Olimpia Bergamo.With the traditional Saturday morning training at BLM Group Arena, the fifth week of pre-season preparation 2019/20 is over.
The final 3-2 obviously counted partially, but the Trentino coach in that case was able to test the physical condition of Daldello, Vettori, Codarin, De Angelis and Sosa Sierra, all of which appeared to be in constant progress. Djuric is also growing, having played the same program as his team-mates during the last week, skipping only the training at Sanbapolis. Itas Trentino will now have two days of rest before the next trainings at the BLM Group Arena in the early afternoon of Monday, when the sixth week of preparation will be opened.

Trentino Volley Srl
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