Trento, 30 November 2019

On Sunday at the BLM Group Arena the advance of the 13th SuperLega Round

Superlega Credem banca 2019-2020 again on the field on Sunday December 1st. In the other arenas will be played the tenth round of regular season, whereas at the BLM Group Arena Itas Trentino will play the advance of the 13th day, together with the Sir Safety Conad Perugia. The set starts at 4:45 p.m. TV live on RAI Sport and Radio Dolomiti.
HERE ITAS TRENTINO: a month before the Supercoppa Final 2019 that will be played in Civitanova, the Gialloblù fight again against the Umbrian team, aiming to get over it in the rankings.
In a such demanding period we know well that some deficiencies cannot be solved in a few days, but still some things can be improved daily through our determination” – said the coach Angelo Lorenzetti. – “For what concerns our performances, during the next match we expect us to step forward, even though we know that we have to play against a team that is improving a lot, especially thanks to its coach. As the previous one, Heynen is a tech able to create perfect positions on field, and he is doing that now. Specifically, the Sir Safety Conad is a team that thanks to its ability in the serve is able to make us nervous. To resist we have to be able to find immediate solutions and be ready”.
Russell this time will be back on field: because of a flu, on Wednesday he could not play in the match versus Latina. Trentino Volley will train today and also on Sunday morning in the Sanbapolis training room. The team will play the 826th official match, the 379th home game, and aims to win the 577th victory. This would be the 302nd one in front of the home game audience, who will have to wait for eleven days to see again its team play in another official match. After the match versus Perugia, Itas Trentino will have to rest, and will go back on field on December 12 in Champions League (home game, Fenerbahce).
THE OPPONENTS: The Sir Safety Conad presents itself at the BLM Group Arena at the best time of its regular season first leg. The last five victories, that count each five points (the last four have been gained in just three sets), allowed the Umbrian team to improve. Indeed, during the last matches it has been defeated many times. As the days pass by, the block devils are empathizing more and more with its own coach, Vital Heyen (Reigning World Champion with Poland), and have already won the first trophy thanks to their success in the Supercoppa Final Four 2019. This happened also without the central hitter Ricci, out for at least another month because of his left-hand fracture. In this roster, we can also find important players such as Plotnytski and Hoogendoorn. They contributed to the Perugia improvement: now it finds itself at the second place with one point of advantage on Modena-Trento.
PREVIOUS ENCOUNTERS: Trento and Perugia have already faced each other thirty-three times, two of which in the current calendar year. The face-off outcome shows that Trento leads 18-15, but the Umbrians have won nine of the last thirteen previous. The most recent match played at the BLM Group Arena ended with a clear victory for Trento: 3-0 on 5th January 2019 with scores of 25-23, 25-19, 35-33 and Lisinac named mvp. Sir Safety Conad has notched up the only match played during this season: 1-3 on November 1st at Civitanova Marche in the Supercoppa semi-finals with scores of 21-25, 25-23, 25-21, 25-22. At the BLM Group Arena, Perugia only won two of the fifteen previous matches: 1-3 on 16th March 2014 and 0-3 on 4th February 2018.
REFEREES: The match will be directed by Giorgio Gnani (from Ferrara, in SuperLega since 1997 and international referee since 2006) and Mauro Goitre (from Turin, in SuperLega since 2008 and international referee since 2016). The last Trentino Volley match refereed by Gnani dates back to 2019 Play-Off Scudetto semi-final game 3 (victory at tie break versus Lube Civitanova on 22th April), while Goitre refereed six days before that match (game 1 of semi-final against Lube Civitanova lost at tie break on 16th April).
TV, RADIO AND INTERNET COVERAGE: The match will be a global media event, as it will be live on TV, radio and the internet. It will be broadcast by RAI Sport +, a channel available both on DTT (HD channel 57, SD channel 58) and on Sky (channel 227), with commentary by Maurizio Colantoni and Andrea Lucchetta; the match will also be broadcast on the internet in streaming through the RaiPlay app and will have a continental visibility (twelve connected countries) thanks to the live programmes of Sportklub (Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro), Match TV (Russia), Polsat (Poland), BTV (Bulgaria), DSmart (Turkey), as well as the main world betting sites served by the SportRadar corporation. As always, there will be direct and complete coverage of Radio Dolomiti, Trentino Volley's media partner, starting at 4.45 pm. All the broadcasting frequencies for listening to the regional network are available on the website, in which you can listen to the radio commentary in streaming, by accessing the "On Air" section.
On TV, the full deferred match will be broadcast on Monday, December 2nd at 10 pm, on RTTR - tv partner of Trentino Volley. On the internet, point to point updates will be made by the website of the Lega Pallavolo Serie A ( and by our website and we will always keep you up to date through our social media ( and
TICKETS AND MERCHANDISING: Tickets for the match against Perugia will be pre-sold until Saturday evening at 6 pm at the Promoevent premises, in via Suffragio 10 in Trento, and at any time on the Internet by clicking on The coupons will also be available on Sunday at the ticket office of the BLM Group Arena, which will be open from 3.30 pm, exactly when the entrances to the building will be opened. Behind the long stand on the north side, fans will find at their disposal our merchandising point; on sale a wide range of Trentino Volley items, including the new celebratory jerseys.
"CAVIT DAY": The "Cavit Day" will be celebrated on the occasion of the fifth internal match of this season; to celebrate together with our fans the long-term partnership, Trentino Volley and Cavit will prepare a series of initiatives that will enhance the cooperative, which unites 10 Trentino wineries with 4500 associated winemakers, on the Match Program, in Hospitality Area and on the LED billboards of the building, which on this occasion will be strongly characterized by the Cavit logo. Cavit also produced the mvp prize, awarded by the jury of journalists at the end of the match: a three litre Jeroboam of Muller Thurgau Spumante to toast with teammates to the excellent performance just put in.

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