Trento, 05 January 2020

Eight years on Trentino Volley on Twitter: 50,000 tweets for its 33,307 followers

The anniversary is celebrated with some important numbers on Trentino Volley’s official Twitter profile. This Social Network was adopted after Facebook but before Instagram and has been used for the last 8 years (it was officially created in January 2012). Its popularity has grown since then: the profile registered 1,300 new followers in the last twelve months reaching 32.307. It is the highest number ever recorded by an Italian volleyball club (male and female) on this platform. The number of tweets has also increased and now are more than 50,000. For the last 8 years, contents and upgrades about the first team and the youth one have been published on a daily basis as well as everything connected with the Club, statistic data, curiosity, presale and public information (the page can be found on the app by searching for “@trentinovolley”. Since 2018, when the number of characters for each tweet had doubled from 140 to 280, the information transmitted has become even more detailed and complete. Trentino Volley is the first Italian volleyball club (male and female) that has obtained a verified account on Twitter: it a sign proving the quality of the information in our tweets.


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