Bologna, 22 February 2020

Lorenzetti: "Winning against Civitanova is like climbing a very high mountain..."

"Winning against Civitanova is like climbing a very high mountain: tonight we took a few steps towards the top without being able to win - explained at the end of the match the coach of Itas Trentino Angelo Lorenzetti - . We must not give up, because sport teaches us that these are possible feats and the team today has done so much from all points of view. In the third set Lube took control of the match because we started to suffer in the reception, while in the fourth set we were unable to manage some attack situations that we had previously managed better. At the tie break we went back to playing point to point, losing only by one detail in the final phase.”
For the Gialloblù formation, which will return to Trento today, the resumption of training is scheduled for Monday, February 24th; that will be the first moment of preparation for the next engagement, scheduled for Sunday, March 1st at 6 pm at the BLM Group Arena against the Top Volley Cisterna in the 22nd round of regular season SuperLega Credem Banca 2019/20. 

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