Trento, 23 May 2020

20 years of Trentino Volley: the videos of 40 players who made history

From Brazil to Russia, from Poland to the USA, passing through Serbia and France and most of the regions of Italy. On his twentieth anniversary, birthday greetings from all over the world came Trentino Volley. Trentino Volley TV has collected the dedications of forty players who, between May 23, 2000 and May 23, 2020, contributed to writing the history of one of the most successful clubs of the new millennium.
The video of “Buon ventennale” (“Happy 20th anniversary”), published on becomes a way to celebrate an important anniversary, but also to live once again a thousand emotions through the faces of those who have been or are still idols of the public del PalaTrento: from Giombini to Kaziyski, from Heller to Kazakov, passing through Winiarski, Stokr, Mester, Tofoli, Bernardi, Vissotto and Raphael. The list is very long; all athletes of great technical but also human value. Some of them have figuratively worn the yellow-blue colours for a day and shown that a Trentino Volley shirt is forever.

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