Trento, 29 May 2020

Trentino Volley is among the 13 Clubs that played more Serie A1 championships

Despite the fact that it was founded in 2000, only twenty years ago, Trentino Volley is already among the thirteen Clubs of Italian volleyball that played the highest number of Serie A championships. What highlights it is a  historic/statistical study published today in “La Gazzetta dello Sport” in the weekly edition of “V come Volley”.
An infographic about the number of presences of the Clubs in the Serie A1 championship is reported in the two central pages of the insert that each Friday is dedicated to our sport. The first of the special ranking is Modena with 52 seasons in A1, followed by Parma (51), Padova (40), Ravenna and Bologna (28). Trento is in thirteenth position with 20 seasons, after Civitanova (25), Treviso (24) and Milano-Gonzaga (21). Among the Clubs of SuperLega 2019/20 Trentino Volley is the forth with the highest number of seasons played in Serie A1, after Modena, Padova and Civitanova. The players who disputed the highest number of championships with the Trentino Volley jersey are Andrea Bari, Emanuele Birarelli and Matey Kaziyski (8 out of 20); in the first place for the current team is Simone Giannelli (6).

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