Trento, 09 July 2020

Champions League, all dates of the 2021 edition. Trento on the field since...

The 2021 CEV Champions League, the maximum continental event that will also see the participation of Trentino Volley, will take place between September 2020 and May 2021. Indeed the European Confederation officialized all the dates of the tournament, but announced not yet in which of the three preliminary rounds the Gialloblù team play.
The tenth partecipation at the Champions League for the team could start between September and October (months in which will be played the matches that qualify for the group stage). After the three preliminary rounds there will be five pools of four teams each, and the subsequent final scoreboard with round-trip comparison (starting from the quarter-finals and final in a single match on a neutral field) that will be played on May 1st.
Below the details of the 2021 CEV Champions League dates:

First half of August 2020: draw for the first, second and third preliminary rounds and group matches (in Luxembourg).
23 September 2020: first round of the preliminary round
30 September 2020: return of the first preliminary round
7 October 2020: second preliminary round
14 October 2020: return of the second preliminary round
21 October 2020: third preliminary round
28 October 2020: return of the third preliminary round
17-19 November 2020: first round of the group stage
1-3 December 2020: second round of the group stage
15-17 December 2020: third round of the group stage
20-21 January 2021: fourth round of the group stage
2-4 February 2021: fifth round of the group stage
10 February 2021: sixth and final round of the group stage
February 11, 2021: draw for the Quarter Finals Final scoreboard (which will be entered by the first runners-up of each of the five pools and the best three runners-up) and definition of the venue for the Final
February 23rd-25th 2021: quarterfinals
2-4 March 2021: Return of the Quarter Finals
16-18 March 2021: semi-final leg
23-25 April 2021: return of Semifinal
1 May 2021: Final (single match)

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