Trento, 20 July 2020

Rossini on Radio Dolomiti: “In Trento to win again”

The third week in Trento for Salvatore Rossini started with a live interview on Radio Dolomiti. While being a guest of the historical media partner of Trentino Volley, the new libero of the team introduced himself to the listeners, among which there are many habitués of the BLM Group Arena.
“It is a great pleasure to be in Trento and play for Trentino Volley – affirmed the 34-year-old from Lazio - ; for a series of unplanned situations Grebennikov and I exchanged jerseys, but the two negotiations continued on separate tracks. For me this was the best among the possible choices, so I’m glad to have accepted it, full of incentives. It's a big challenge, for a guy like me who's from the suburbs of volleyball, and I accept it gladly. I want to try to win something significant here too, because in all the previous experiences of my career I have always collected and conserved good memories. I haven't won a trophy in a couple of years and the same goes for this Club, so the goal must be victory. Better a perfect reception or a good defence? It depends on the score, even if objectively, as I interpret it, the fundamental of the reception is more mathematical: I often find myself studying the trajectories of my opponents. The strongest from this point of view in the Italian championship are Leon and Nimir, the latter will fortunately be my teammate in this season: he will train me every day".

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