Trento, 21 September 2020

National team, from today Michieletto is available for Italia Juniores again

Sunday night match, in Civitanova Marche, for the last round of the semi-final of Del Monte® Supercup 2020, probably was the last one played by Alessandro Michieletto still wearing Trentino Volley’s shirt for the month of September 2020. From tonight, the talented hitter spiker is available for the Italian Juniores National team again, right today this team is in Ghirano di Prata (Pordenone) to play the last match collegiale before playing at the European matches of Category  (between 24 September and 4 October in Czech Republic).
Michieletto is one of 14 players among who the staff azzurro will choose 12 players that will take part to the continental young matches; the other players called are: Rinaldi and Porro (Modena), Ferrato and Schiro (Padova), Stefani (Ravenna), Crosato and Ceolin (Treviso), Gianotti (Brugherio), Jeroncic (Calcit), Compagnoni (Milano), Magalini (Verona), Cianciotta (Castellana Grotte), Catania (Cuneo). In case he was in the final list, Michieletto will miss 4 matches of Itas Trentino: on 27th September in Padua, on 29th September in Trento against London, on 1st October at the BLM Group Arena against Novi Sad and on 4th October, still in Trento, against Verona.

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