Amriswil (Switzerland), 27 October 2020

In Switzerland will be assigned a place in the Main Phase of Champions League

In Amriswil (Switzerland), the second and last round of preliminary Phase of 2021 CEV Champions League will be played between today and Thursday, it will assign only one place in the Main Phase of the main international competition. After having brilliantly won the first round on home field (one month ago), Trentino Itas is back on field against Dinamo Moskva (28th October, at 7pm) and the local team Lindaren Volley (29th October, at 7pm). Both the match will be broadcast live on Radio Dolomiti and on (paid service).
STRUCTURE AND PROGRAMME 3 teams will take part in Pool H of second round of preliminary Phase and only the first one on the ranking will gain a place at round E of the Main Phase, the other teams already classified are Novosibirsk (Russia), Friedrichshafen (Germany) and Karlovarsko. The first match scheduled is right tonight, between Lindaren Volley and Dinamo Moskva (7 pm), on Wednesday at the same time the match between Trento and the Russian team, the day after the one between the local team and the Italian one.
TRENTINO ITAS let’s win Pool H and qualify for the Main Phase after two consecutive defeats in Champions. Gialloblù team arrived in Switzerland on Monday and this is the goal for these two important matches, a crucial moment at international level.
“This is a very important moment, we absolutely need to find solutions to the main errors shown during these last matches –  explained coach Angelo Lorenzetti - . I’m confident that my team is able to, we need to show a stronger attitude because, as scheduled, we’ll face the stronger opponent as first. Dinamo Moskva is a team that can play very well, above all at the moment, if we want to win we know that we have to play ever more efficaciously than both Russian and Swiss team will do".
The coach can count on the same 12 players that played last Sunday, the only one absent will be Alessandro Michieletto. Today afternoon and on Wednesday morning Giannelli and his team-mates will train on the Swiss field.
DINAMO MOSKVA this year, the beginning of the season has been particularly positive for the team- since always one of the best teams in Russia with Belgorod and Lokomotiv Novosibirsk. Indeed, the team arrives in Switzerland after having won 5 matches out of 5 played in Russia (the last victory was 3-1 against Kemerovo of Zaytsev, on home field). The team had also qualified for the second preliminary round of Champions League defeating without any problems the Bulgarian team of Bourgas and the Austrian one of Aich/Dob during Pool D. This could be the occasion in which Dinamo could win such a competition for the first time. The team, in addition to many national competitions, also won 3 international ones, but not the most prestigious: one Cup Winners Cup (won during season 1984/85) and two CEV CUP; the first one won in 2011 after having defeated Acqua Paradiso Monza at the semi-final (at Golden set) and the Polish team Resovia at the final, and the second one in 2015 defeating Trentino Volley at the Golden set. Despite being often one of the teams at the Final Four (last ones in 2010 and 2011 in Lodz and Bolzano), this team hasn’t won the Champions League yet. Among the other players, Brianskii can count on the great Tsvetan Sokolov, once in Kazan team, and on other excellent players such as the Belgian hitter spiker Deroo and the middle-blocker Vlasov. For this occasion also the libero Kerminen (who doesn’t usally play in Russian Championship) became part of the team, and so did also Podlesnykh, at place 4. The forecasting-considering the other matches played between these two teams- seems to be favourable for Trentino Volley for 5-3; obviously, the most important was the final of Champions League on 2nd May 2010, in Lodz: great victory 3-0 for gialloblù. The Players: 1. Yaroslav Podlesnykh (s), 2. Ilia Vlasov (c), 3. Sam Deroo (s), 4. Anton Anoshko (p), 5. Romanas Shkulyavichus (o), 7. Evgeny Baranov (l), 8. Vladimir Sieemshchikov (c), 9. Yury Berezhko, 10. Cheslavs Sventitskis (p), 11. Pavel Pankov (p), 13. Maksim Belogortsev (c), 14. Aleksey Kabeshov (l), 15. Semen Dmitriev (s), 16. Ivan Korotaev (s), 17. Stanislav Diniekin (s), 19. Tsvetan Sokolov (o), 23. Lauri Kerminen (l), 24. Vadym Likhosherstov (c). Coach Konstantin Brianskii.
LINDAREN VOLLEY AMRISWIL Being able to defeat the Belgian team of Maaseik during Pool E of the first preliminary round, let this team not only qualify for the second round, but also organize the competition right on its home field, in the Arena of its city. According to its tradition ad results, Lindaren Volley is one of the best volley teams in Switzerland. Back in the 90s, this team begun to win national titles and to take part in some European Cups. This is the second time ever that this team takes part in Champions League, but it often took part in CEV Cup (16 times), the best result was in season 2018/19- the team arrived till the quarter-final when right Trentino Volley defeated it (two victories 3-0 between 30th January and 13th February 2019). The society won 3 championships (the last one in 2017) and 3 Swiss Supercup; on international stage, the team took part in the Champions League in 2017 (then defeated by Perugia during the qualifying phase for the rounds) and also in 5 Challenge Cup. The pink team, led by the Danish coach Marco Klok (famous among Italian volleyball lovers for having won, as player, a championship in Rome in 2000 and having played in Serie A wearing the skirts of Città di Castello, Napoli and Forlì) can count on the experience of the middle-blocker Stevanovic  (Serbian, once in Novi Sad and Losanna), on physical skills of the Austrian opposite Zass (once in Friedrichshafen) and on two other talented players such as the German Höhne and the Swiss Zeller. The Setter is the Greek Filippov (once in Salonicco, Jastrzebski and Olimpiacos), he’s very rich in experience and until now was the one leading the team during the Swiss championship: 4 victories out of 4 matches, included 3-0 last Sunday against Schonenwerd. The players: 1. Ramon Diem (l), 2. Luca Mueller (s), 3. Luca Mueller (s), 3. Dmytro Filippov (p), 6. Bjorn Hoehne (s), 7. Quentin Zeller (s), 8. Helmut Georg Escher (c), 9. Thomas Zass (o), 11. Jan Messerli (c), 12. Alexander Lengweiler (o), 14. Edvarts Buivids (o), 15. Julian Weisigk (o), 16. Joel Maag (c), 17. Mathis Jucker (p). Coach Marko Klok.
STORY OF TRENTINO VOLLEY IN EUROPEAN CUPS This is the 10th time Trentino Volley takes part in CEV Champions League, the 15th times on European stage. Trentino Volley won in 2009, 2010 and 2011, ranked in third place in 2012, took part in Playoffs 12 in 2013, in Playoffs 6 in 2015 and 2018 and ranked as second team in 2016, the team only had bad luck during season 2004/05 at the Top Teams Cup (it was defeated by the Dutch team Ortec Nesselande Rotterdam during the preliminary phase played at PalaTrento) and then also in CEV Cup - title won in 2019- but the team also lost two finals at the Golden set in 2015, against Moskva and in 2017 against Tours. Considering all European matches, Trentino Volley played 132 official competitions: winning 106 times (54 in Trento, 52 on away field), being defeated 26 times (20 in Champions League, 5 in CEV and 1 in Top Teams Cup). The most frequent result was 3-0 (49% of the matches) - 65 matches, 39 on home field; only 5 times have they been defeated 0-3.
REFEREES the match will be directed by the Polish Wojciech Maroszek and by the Ungarian Tibor Halasz. Tibor Halasz will also direct the match between Lindaren Amriswil-Trentino Itas, with the Spanish referee David Fernandez Fuentes. The only two referees who have already directed a play with Trentino Volley are Maroszek (for 3 matches, all during the FIVB in 2018, included the final won 3-1 against Lube on 2nd December) and Fernandez Fuentes who directed Trento-Chaumont 3-0 on 20th March 2018 (Playoffs 12 of Champions League).
RADIO AND INTERNET both the matches will be entirely broadcast live on Radio Dolomiti, network partner of Trentino Volley. Radio frequencies can be found on the website, there, it will also be possible to listen to the chronicle live.
It will be possible to watch the match streaming on “EuroVolleyTv” - paid service . Further information
It will possible also to follow the match point to point on CEV official website, there you will find the points of every match, or on; there you’ll find the entire chronicle of every set just a couple of minutes after the end of it. You can also find all the news on gialloblù Social Network, and

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