Trento, 09 November 2020

President Mosna on RTTR: “At the moment we have to wait, but we won’t give up”

“At the moment our team has to wait, and we are all worried; – explained the President Diego Mosna, during his speech at the evening program “Domenica Sport” on RTTR - all those who has been tested positive are feeling well and no one has had particular health problems more than some mild symptoms, but this situation is a problem. We’ve always less dates available to catch up the matches and obviously we are worried, but our motto for the moment is: never give up. We want to keep on playing”. 
“The Protocol that Volleyball Lega is respecting is very strict and it guarantees that all the players on field are not infected – said the President - . Many matches have been pushed back during the weekend because the results of the tests done the days before the matches were in late. With no result it’s correct not to play, even if then the whole team turns out being negative. We could expect such a delay, many people are waiting for their result at the moment, maybe we’ll have to revise the protocol. We have to bite the bullet an keep playing, because I fear that if the Championships stops now it risks not to continue any more, causing many problems”.

Trentino Volley Srl
Press Office