Trento, 18 February 2021

Champions League, the performance rankings exalt the great gialloblù Main Phase

Trentino Volley is near the second consecutive weekend of 2021 without appointments. Waiting to return to the field for an official match, the formation coached by Angelo Lorenzetti continues its weekly training program that for today plans a double session (weights and individual technique in the morning, six versus six in the evening), before a Friday off. On Saturday morning, the team will return to train; it will be the first day of preparation without any more pauses for the first round of the quarterfinals of 2021 CEV Champions League, to be played on Thursday 25 February at the Max Schmeling Halle in Berlin against the local formation.
The second round will be played at the BLM Group Arena seven days after (4 March); the gialloblù team have the field factor in the decisive match thanks to the great Main Phase of the bubble of Trento, in the firsts of December, and the one of Friedrichshafen, a week ago, in which they didn’t lose: five wins in as many games played. The excellent Pool E lived by Trentino Itas is explained not only through the series of successes, but also by means of numbers, which have always offered an absolutely truthful and objective overview in volleyball.
From this point of view, the performance rankings of the Main Phase of 2021 CEV Champions League show well how much the continental run was conducted with a great contribution by all players. Despite having played only five games (the sixth was won by forfeit and therefore do not get to improve the statistics), the gialloblù team resulted as the most efficient at service between the five played Pools, thanks to 42 aces in 19 sets (average of 2,21 per partial!), and the third overall for blocks: in total 53; only Belchatow (56 with one more game played) and Karlovarsko (56, with two more sets played) did better in the singular fundamental.
In particular, Nimir Abdel-Aziz and Srecko Lisinac contributed to these excellent results: the Dutch opposite spiker was the best setter of all Main Phase thanks to its personal 18 aces (0,95 per set), with a gap of seven points on the first rivals (Verhanneman and Bienek with 11), while the Serbian middle blocker is the second blocker with 17 winning blocks, only one less of the leader Lyzik (Novosibirsk). It’s also curious to note how Nimir appears in ninth place in the ranking for the best setters, having held this role in more than half (3 out of 5) of the matches played by his team (the same reason why Giannelli is not present: he has played only 2 out of 5).
The other rankings show the great capacity of the entire gialloblù reception line (it’s the fifth per percentage of perfect balls with 31%) and the attack line (another fifth place with 54%). The performance at the net by Dick Kooy has surely affected this last position, resulting in the sixth spiker of the Pool phase for efficiency (49,2% at spiking). Trentino Itas was an authentic breakpoint machine: in five matches, it scored 141 breakpoints out of 323 points overall. Only Kedzierzyn-Kozle did better (151, but with one more match played).

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