Trento, 03 May 2021

End of season 2020/21, time to “fall out”

The Final match of  2021 CEV Champions League has officialy concluded the season for Trentino Volley. After this week, the players are free to go back home or, if they do prefer it, to stay in Trento; as it happened las year, due to the pandemic, and in order to avoid any gatherings the Society let the players “fall out” without any ceremony, meeting with fans in the city centre nor having a dinner with the sponsors and the authorities.
The first one who went back to their home, right before playing with their national teams in occasion of the VNL, have been the Serbians  Lisinac and Podrascanin, in a couple of days also the Brazilian Lucarelli and the Croatian opposite Nimir (who will immediately be back on field playing on Friday the qualification to Euro 2021 wearing the Dutch skirt). Next week Cortesia and Michieletto will join Italian National Team, whose players have already been playing in Rome for a week.

Trentino Volley Srl
Press Office