Trento, 29 June 2021

Lorenzo Sperotto with the Itas Trentino jersey for the next season

The latest days of June save a valuable confirmation for Trentino Volley. Lorenzo Sperotto has renewed the contract with the yellow-blue Club in these hours, signing a new annual contract and he will wear the jersey of Itas Trentino at least until 2022.
The alternative to Riccardo Sbertoli in the role of setter is going to be the young Venetian setter, who has been able to be appreciated for his qualities of a great professional in his first season in Trento, having not only an excellent touch but also a particularly efficient jump service, which encouraged Lorenzetti to use him often at service, even in decisive moments of important matches.
“I’m happy to continue my experience with the jersey of Trentino Volley for at least another year – said Lorenzo Sperotto The just-concluded season allowed me to grow a lot and quickly adapt myself to the level of SuperLega, a championship in which I have never played before last September. Having the opportunity to train every day with great champions has been useful from many points of view; as well as being weekly followed in my path from a coach of the calibre of Angelo Lorenzetti. I’m happy to have been able also to give an important contribution to the service in my first yellow-blue season; I will work to become stronger and even more efficient also in this fundamental that I particularly like. We will have a team that is younger and more Italian compared to the past; all of this represents a further incentive for me”.

The profile
born in Mirano (Venice), the 28 April 1999
190 cm, setter role
2013/14 youth Volley Treviso
2014/15 youth Volley Treviso
2015/16 Aereonautica Militare Club Italia B and A2
2016/17 Aereonautica Militare Club Crai Italia B and A2
2017/18 Club Italia Crai Roma A2
2018/19 Roma Volley A2
2019/20 Roma Volley Club A3
2020/21 Itas Trentino SuperLega
2021/22 Itas Trentino SuperLega

1 Italian Championship Under 15 (2014)
1 Italian Championship Under 17 (2015)
MVP Italian Championship Under 15 (2014)
MVP Italian Championship Under 17 (2015)

In the national team
Gold medal Eyof Pre Juniores 2017
Silver medal Juniores World Championship 2019
Silver medal Pre Juniores European Championship 2017
Best setter Juniores World Championship 2019

With Trentino Volley
Second season in first team
Debuted the 13/09/2020 (Trento-Civitanova 3-2)
23 attendances (23 in 2020/21)
3 points (3 in 2020/21)

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