Trento, 15 July 2021

Again one… of us: welcome back Matey Kaziyski!

That jersey number one kept in the wardrobe in the latest 5 years from Trentino Volley can finally return on the shoulders of his (and only) legitimate owner: Matey Kaziyski will wear it again!
The player symbol of a great streak of yellow-blue victories (national and international) finds again the way home: the thirty-six-year-old Bulgarian star player will be one of the spikers that will compose the new team of Itas Trentino. The arrangement for his return to Trento was recently signed and it will be biennial; the sign reinforces a relationship that wasn’t never interrupted, so much so that Matey continued to live in the city even in the years in which he chose to play elsewhere and often showed up around the BLM Group Arena even simply for a greeting.
Even though in the latest seasons he wore different jerseys from the yellow-blue one, if you write Kaziyski you inevitably think of Trentino Volley, the many victories all around the world (fifteen obtained titles overall, twelve as captain), the great emotions given to the audience from Trentino, the infinite number of scored points (4,945), which still makes him the best scorer of all time in the history of Trentino and a living legend for Trento and Trentino. And there is still time and space to write more pages of history...
“Matey has been an essential part of the path of this Club and I’m happy to day that he will be in the future as well – said the President Diego Mosna - . We have felt him constantly close even when in recent years he has been physically far from Trento; I always consider expected his return because the right place for him is only this. He will return to wear the jersey number one that in the years we have kept aside for him and I’m sure that he will offer a big contribution to the new and young team, not only on the field but also in the locker room, instilling the values of Trentino Volley and making the new arrivals understand what means to play for this Company”.

Trentino Volley Srl
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