Trento, 17 July 2021

The new yellow-blue libero is german: from Berlino here is Julian Zenger

The jersey of the libero of Trentino Volley for the next season will return to be worn by a foreign player. The specialist of the second yellow-blue line is going to be the German Julian Zenger from Berlin Recycling Volleys, twenty-four years old in August. The executives from Trentino noticed him during the double confrontation of the CEV Champions League quarterfinals, played by Trentino Itas against the formation Champion of Germany the last March. An explosive player with a great bump that makes him particularly reliable in reception but also in defence, Julian will arrive in September in Trento to live the first personal experience away from his country after two great seasons in Berlin, in which he improved his capacities and earned the jersey of regular of the national team, which he started wearing it in 2016, when he was eighteen and Vital Heynen was at the head of Mainschaft.
In VNL 2021 played between May and June in Rimini, Zenger resulted the third receiver and third defender ever in all the tournament; he will be the fourth German athlete of the history of Trentino Volley after Hübner, Walter, and Backmann, another libero who wore the yellow-blue jersey in the final of the 2004/05 season.
“We have identified in Zenger all the characteristics that we looked for to cover the role of the new libero – these are the words of the President Diego Mosna . He is young, but already has a lot of international experience at high levels and, above all, he wants to affirm himself; these are peculiarities common to many players who compose the team and that we hope they can offer us an extra motivational boost for this motive. So, in my name and in Trentino Volley's name, welcome to Trento”.

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