Trento, 16 September 2021

BLM Group Arena, Thursday off before the final rush of the fourth week of preparation

A full day off in the middle of the fourth week of preparation, before returning to the BLM Group Arena and undergoing the final rush of the last period that precedes the test match of debut in the season 2021/22. The one in progress is a Thursday off for Itas Trentino; the technical staff has granted a pause, giving appointment to the yellow-blue for the morning of Friday, which is going to be characterized by a double session of training.
At the weekend, the team will train both Saturday and Sunday, continuing the program made ad hoc for the five athletes already available. From the next week, the number increases with the arrival of the players who have participated or are still participating in the European Championship 2021.

Trentino Volley Srl
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