Trento, 30 September 2021

Subscriptions Campaign, closed the preemption period. Friday starts of the open sale

This evening, at 18, ended the preemption period of the Subscriptions Campaign of Trentino Volley. The feedback of historic fans and owners of #trentinonelcuorecard 2020 has been important and this has been a further confirmation of the will to come back to see in person your favourite team.
The subscriptions sold in just two weeks of the campaign have been 822; from Friday 1st October at the Trentino Volley Point of street Trener, it will be possible to buy any kind of seat still left available.
The card includes the first seven official matches that Itas Trentino will play at the BLM Group Arena: the six of the first round of regular season of SuperLega and the first home match of the pools phase of Champions League, scheduled on 15 December against Fenerbahce.

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