Trento, 22 October 2021

At the weekend it’s awarded the Del Monte® Supercup 2021: the guide to Perugia-Trento

At the weekend, at the Eurosuole Forum in Civitanova Marche, it’s awarded the first Italian title of the season 2021/22: the Del Monte® Super Cup 2021. For the sixth consecutive edition, the competition will see four formations, which have achieved the best placing in the latest season, competing in the Final Four, similar in all and for all to the one that is played in the mid-season for the Italian Cup. Itas Trentino is the protagonist of the second semifinal on Saturday 23 October, facing Sir Safety Conad Perugia at 18. Live on RAI Sport +, Radio Dolomiti, and live streaming on OTT Volleyball World Tv.
HERE ITAS TRENTINO The two matches of regular season SuperLega Credem Banca 2021/22 played before this appointment have shown how the yellow-blue formation has already reached an interesting physical condition and acquired a group mentality, a useful factor to take home the stakes, even though Verona and Vibo Valentia have tried to make the task difficult. The stakes are higher in the weekend in Marche, in which the team trained by Angelo Lorenzetti will face one of the main pretenders to the win of the competition and, in general, to the whole championship, like Perugia.
“The Final Four of Super Cup is always a good moment for Italian volleyball because it offers the first occasion of competition between some of the best teams of the championship – explained the yellow-blue coach - . We know that the ones that will emerge aren’t the definitive verdicts on the real value of the teams, but at the same time we’re happy to measure ourselves against a valued formation like Perugia; we will try to make its life difficult and, at the same time, to understand at what point we are in the development of our play. Objectively, it’s still too soon to show the volleyball that we have in mind, but I hope that the team will go on the field with the spirit shown during the first two games of the championship.”
For the first elimination match of its sixth season on the bench of Trentino Volley, Lorenzetti can count on all the thirteen players of the team.
On the yellow-blue ranks, nine players can count on one or more participations in the Italian Super Cup: Marko Podrascanin is the one who has won the most (five times), Matey Kaziyski is the only one to win one with Trento (edition 2011), while the rookies are D’Heer, Sbertoli, Albergati, and Zenger. For Trentino Volley, the semifinal with Perugia is the 894th official match of its history, the nineteenth at the Eurosuole Forum in Civitanova Marche, the stadium in which so far it has won only one time (the last 28 March).
TWELFTH FINAL OF SUPER CUP OF THE HISTORY OF TRENTINO VOLLEY For Trentino Volley, it’s going to be the twelfth participation at the final phase of the Italian Super Cup. In this manifestation, the yellow-blue Company has eleven precedents: apart from the fourth places in the editions 2016 and 2017, the third places in the ones of 2020 and 2021, and the second place in the one of 2018, the precedents are referred to the games of Firenze 2008 (0-3 with Lube), Torino 2010 (0-3 with Cuneo), Cagliari 2011 (3-1 with Cuneo), Modena 2012 and 2015 (2-3 with Lube and 2-3 with the hosts), and Trento 2013 (3-0 with Lube): two wins on eleven participations. The one on Saturday will take Trentino Volley to improve its record in the history of the competition: no club had ever before taken part in so many finals in the space of a few years.
THE OPPONENTS Sir Safety Conad Perugia presents itself at the Final Four in Civitanova Marche as the defending champion of the manifestation and with several important variations compared to the previous season. The main ones are related to the coach Nikola Grbic (returned on the Umbrian bench, where he already sat in the season 2014/15), the Luxembourgian opposite-spiker Kamil Richlicki (taken from Civitanova to substitute Atanasijevic), and the American spiker Anderson (returned to Italy after two seasons from the latest experience in Modena). A separate chapter for the setter Simone Giannelli, arrived in Perugia, and, on this occasion, he will play his first match as an opponent of Trentino Volley, the Club in which he grew and played 315 official games in the first team, with 1,082 points and winning four titles. The first two matches played in regular season have offered very reassuring results, seeing that Perugia has won the stakes in the home match with Cisterna and in the away game with Verona. The only missing of the Block Devils is the middle blocker Russo: to substitute him and to play with Solé (another former player of Trento), the decision is between Mengozzi and Ricci.
PREVIOUS MATCHES Trento and Perugia have in archive thirty-nine games, three of which played in the same phase of the editions 2017, 2018, and 2019 of the tournament (with one yellow-blue win and two for the Umbrians). The full report sees forward the yellow-blue Club for 20-19, also thanks to the two wins of the last season (3 January in Perugia, 19 March at home) out of the four total matches. However, Perugia has won six of the latest nine previous matches, including the semifinal of the Italian Cup of the latest 30 January. On a neutral field, five games were played, with the Umbrians that have won four: the ones played in Civitanova Marche, the one in Bari, and the most recent in Bologna at the end of January.
THE REFEREES At the moment, Federvolley and Lega Pallavolo Serie A still haven’t nominated the referees who will direct the two semifinals on Saturday.
ROLL OF HONOUR OF THE ITALIAN SUPER CUP The one on Saturday in Civitanova Marche is the twenty-sixth edition of the Italian Super Cup. In the roll of honour of the manifestation, there is Treviso with seven wins, followed by Cuneo, Lube, and Modena with four, then Perugia with three, Trento with two, and Piacenza with one.
THE SCHEDULE OF THE FINAL FOUR On Saturday 23 October, at the Eurosuole Forum, the semifinals are played: before Perugia-Trento, there is the match between Civitanova and Monza at 15.15. The next day, Sunday 24 October, there is the final between the two winners at 16. All three games will be broadcasted live on RAI Sport + and Volleyball World TV.
TV, RADIO, AND INTERNET The match is a global event and will have a contemporary broadcast on TV, radio, and Internet. It’s going to be broadcasted on RAI Sport + HD, channel present on both digital terrestrial platform (number 57 in HD, 58 in SD) and the satellite platform of Sky at number 227, with commentary by Maurizio Colantoni and Andrea Lucchetta.
The match will have a full live coverage by Radio Dolomiti, media partner of Trentino Volley. The frequencies can be found on, where it will be possible to listen to the radio commentary in streaming.
There is also the live streaming on OTT "Volleyball World Tv" (paid service). For more information about the service:
On TV, the match will be broadcasted on Monday 25 October at 22 on RTTR - tv partner of Trentino Volley.
On Internet, the point-by-point updates will be made by the website of Lega Pallavolo Serie A (, by, and by the yellow-blue Social Networks ( and

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