Trento, 16 June 2022

Džavoronok: “I was watching Stokr winning with Trento and I was dreaming to be the same"

The first interview to Donovan Džavoronok as a player of Trentino Volley, Czech hitter-spiker of graduating class 1997, officialised today.

Welcome in Trento Donovan, what does it mean to you to be able to wear the yellow-blue shirt?
“It means a lot, actually everything. When I was little, I didn’t have many models or idols, but among them there was my fellow countryman Jan Stoks, whom I followed carefully and I saw him winning trophies with this Society. He was surely the volleyball player number 1 in Czech Republic. From that moment on, I have always dreamt to retrace his path and to become an athlete of Italian championship, maybe of this Club. I am really happy now that my dream has come true; after a long experience in Monza, I wanted to stay in Italy, and the possibility to stay in Trento is wonderful. Is a beautiful day for me and my career.”
Trentino Volley has been the opponent you have faced the most in Italy: 19 times in six seasons among regular season, Play Off, Italian Cup and Italian SuperCup…
“I know perfectly the atmosphere that the audience can produce at BLM Group Arena because I’ve played many times there and I’m happy that this will be my home next season. Actually, I know well the entire territory as I often come here with my girlfriend during the days off; I like the mountain and you can find wonderful places here. This is why choosing this option has been easy to me: Trentino Volley has always been my first option and I immediately seized the opportunity as soon as I had this possibility”.
What do you expect from this new professional experience?
“I want to win and grow from all points of view, and the messages by phone with Angelo Lorenzetti made me understand that there will be this possibility. Trentino Volley is an ambitious society, which has always helped his athletes to make big progresses. Moreover, I am even more motivated by knowing that they will continue to use the three hitter-spiker line-up next season. I started as an opposite-spiker given my characteristics and then I became a hitter-spiker. I’ve seen myself well integrated in this contest and in this team. I’m ready to give the best”.
In which fundamental you think you will improve the most?
“As I said before, surely in reception, because I have little experience of it. I will be forever thankful to Miguel Angel Falasca; when he trained me in Monza, he made me work hard from this point of view. Then, of course, you can improve in anything”.
Do you have other passions besides volleyball?
“I am a simple person, who loves to travel and live the sport. I’m a NBA afficionado, that maybe I watch more than volleyball, but I like ping pong and hockey too, which is pretty much the national sport in Czech Republic. And then there is beach volley, a passion that has deep roots and that my parents imparted on me. My father Milan was a good indoor player but also on sand, such that he founded a club dedicated to this sport. I grew up playing on sand, a sport that I still play in summer to keep in shape”.
So, will this be a summer in the name of beach volley?
“Yes, it will. I have decided to temporarily leave the National to concentrate on beach volley for three years, to play national tournaments and, if it’s possible, to take part to some stage on international World Tour. I was able to win the tournament of Samsun in Turkey in 2018 paired with Jindrich Weiss, a big satisfaction. During these months, I will play with Jan Hadrava (former opposite-spiker of Civitanova, ndr) and we will play tournaments mostly in Czech Republic. This kind of activity allows me to keep in shape and to be ready for the beginning of the training, playing with no stress but only with the desire to have fun”.
Your first season in Trento will be full of appointments and it will give you the opportunity to play even in Champions League…
“This will be the first time playing in the highest continental club championship and I can’t wait to experience it. In the last seasons with Monza, I played in the Challenge Cup and Cev Cup, that we’ve won right in 2022. So, I’m really curious and excited.”

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