Trento, 04 July 2022

The yellow-blue restyling goes on: here’s the new logo!

Among the most significant dates in the history of Trentino Volley there is now the 4th July: today, after 22 years, the Club from Trener street launches its new logo. This was a long-craved restyling, that wants to boost even more the life of the Club during the summer, when the female project is taken into consideration.
Dynamism, foresight and new ideas: the need to show the world their well-known characteristics through a different image from the last one, developed for a digital and young audience. The aim it to make the brand Trentino Volley more interesting and captivating, redefining its location. That’s why the logo has been totally renewed, insisting on the naming, which has been summarized in “TV” that stands for the initials of "Trentino Volley". Prima Pubblicità (which helps the Society with the communication since years) had already begun its study on the naming some months ago.
The evolution has been strongly inspired by an essential starting point: the colours, all in the name of tradition. The yellow and the blue are a clear reference to the city of Trento; the white to preserve the chrome, which has always marked the first shirt of Trentino Volley. The ideogram represents the new element: the letters “T” and “V” intertwine to from a single graphic sign, where the second consonant is shown in an empty/full contrast, without the need to be perfectly outlined.
The simplicity and the essential nature of the line is the perfect summary that makes the brand even more professional, recognizable in every situation and on every interface thanks to the possibility to adapt it to every size and merchandising.
Starting from today, it will replace the old version on all the digital platform (website, social networks, newsletter) and then it will be displayed on any of the official yellow-blue products. The debut on the court, worn by male and female players, is expected on August, for the beginning of the training for the pre-championship of male and female teams.

Trentino Volley
“New look…same passion!”

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