Trento, 06 July 2022

Pace: "Playing in Trento was my dream, unbelievable to be able to realize it"

The first interview as a Trentino Volleyball player for Domenico Pace, an Apulian libero born in 2000, made official today.

Welcome to Trentino Volleyball, Domenico! Here you find yourself back in the SuperLega four years after your previous experience. What are you experiencing?
"It is a great personal emotion; to be able to come back and do it for one of the best clubs in the world like Trentino Volleyball is something incredible. I found it hard to believe when I got the call from the Gialloblù executives, but I am overjoyed for what I will experience starting in August. I dreamed since I was a child that I could have such an opportunity and now I will try to make the most of it, knowing that being coached by a prepared coach like Lorenzetti will be a great advantage for me. In my previous seasons I remember how this league was really difficult and different from all the others in which I had measured myself; in my debut I played very little because I was very young, while in the following year I saw the field systematically. I was coming in to make the three runs in the second line, shoring up Castellana Grotte's reception."
What kind of player are you?
"Usually a libero is able to express himself better either in reception or in defense; I feel rather balanced from this point of view, also because my career started immediately by playing this role and so I tried to refine my qualities at the same time. Defending maybe is something more instinctive than receiving, where actually by working a lot you can get more progress. I like to work a lot and so I try to combine determination with natural abilities."
What kind of contribution can you make to the team?
"My personal goal is to better myself and prove to myself that I can hold up to this level, which I think is very high, but this all comes through my willingness to do whatever it takes, in practice and in the game, to make myself useful to the team and the coach."
Do you have any hobbies in particular?
"I am passionate about all sports, not just volleyball. Basketball and padel are among my favorites, I practice them at times like this to keep fit and also because they are a lot of fun for me."
With Laurenzano you will form a very young and long lasting pair of libero...
"I only know Gabriele because, although we both grew up in the youth sector of Castellana Grotte, we have never played in the same group but I know that we will work together to achieve great results in the second line. It will be very exciting to share this department with him. In Trento then I will meet again Daniele Lavia, with whom we have known each other for many years; he also grew up in the youth sector of the Apulian club."
What was your experience last season in Holy Cross?
"We played a championship on the rise; the first round was not easy but we made up for it in the second half, taking great satisfaction. Personally for me it was an important stepping stone, because otherwise I would not have been able to get noticed by Trentino Volleyball."

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