Perugia, 20 November 2022

Sir Safety Susa Perugia-Itas Trentino 3-1, the match report

Match report. In a PalaBarton crowded with spectators, Itas Trentino faces Perugia in a standard lineup: Sbertoli as setter, Kaziyski as opposite spiker, Michieletto and Lavia as setters, Lisinac and Podrascanin as middle blocker, Laurenzano as libero; Perugia replies with Giannelli as setter lined up diagonally to Rychlicki, Leon and Semeniuk in position 4, Flavio and Russo as middle blocker, Colaci as libero. The yellow-blue team immediately gets into the game with Lavia (5-3) and remains successful at breakpoint, even when the Umbrians regain points thanks to Flavio (block and attack for 6-6). In the middle phase, Perugia speeds up with Giannelli and Semeniuk (two breakpoint attacks for 9-11); Lorenzetti interrupts the game, but a few minutes later he has to do it again, on 11-15, because his team feels visible difficulties in reception, under the powerful shots of Leon and Giannelli. The reaction comes with Kaziyski serving (14-15), but Anastasi's time out clears the mind for his team, which continues to hurt Matey’s block nonstop (Nelli gets in at his place on 14-18). In the most difficult moment Lavia becomes the absolute protagonist; his serve completely overturns the set (from 15-18 to 20-18) also thanks to three direct aces and a winning pipe. Sir Safety Susa replies until 22-22, then gives way to Michieletto's treble (ace for 24-22) and yet another break point of its first set by Lavia (sixth personal best for 25-22).
The hosts tried to fight back at the start of the second set (6-8 and 7-11), taking advantage of Michieletto's problems on the net and in reception. Trento reacted up to 13-15 with Lavia, but later had to give way to Perugia's solo, which with Leon and Rychlicki gained more ground (16-21) and brought back the set tally already at 19-25.
The third set seems to start along the same lines: there is Nelli on the court in the opposite role, but Sir Safety Susa snaps immediately on 3-6. Lorenzetti's time out is providential, because at the restart the yellow-blue team sets a 4-0 set (7-6) in the sign of Podrascanin's serves (also a direct ace) and Lisinac's block. The +2 (11-9) is a success in the name of Lavia, scoring with a slash; from then on, Trento goes in the hole on Semeniuk's serves and suffers a 0-6 set (11-15), but with great inner strength goes up the slope again (18-21), reaching tally only on 24-24, after having annulled with Michieletto and Lavia (ace) two set balls. On the fourth chance the hosts closed with a touch at the net by Flavio: 25-27 and 2-1 in favor of the host team.
The fourth set is a monologue of the Perugia’s team, who immediately dominates the game (3-6, 4-11) hitting hard at the net and with the serve. Itas Trentino could not get its head back up despite Lorenzetti's time outs and change of players and thus gave up quickly: 7-16, 10-21 and 13-25 with Leon increasingly leading the way.

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