Trento, 29 January 2023

Itas Trentino-Vero Volley Monza 3-0, the match report

The match report. Itas Trentino is back with Lisinac and Cavuto, after they missed the away match in Poland, but Angelo Lorenzetti confirms the starting six with the seven members seen on Kedzierzyn-Kozle’s court: Sbertoli as setter, Kaziyski as opposite spiker, Michieletto and Lavia as hitter spikers, Lisinac and Podrascanin as middle blockers, Laurenzano as libero. For Vero Volley, the coach Massimo Ecchelli choose to go on with the lineup already seen in the last official matches: Zimmermann as setter, Szwarc as opposite, Maar and Davyskiba as hitter spikers, Federici as libero, Beretta and Galassi as middle blockers, the latter was awarded by the Sport Councilor of the Province of Trento Roberto Failoni, together with other three National team’s teammates for the victory of the International Title 2022 with the blue jersey, before the start of the match.
The yellow-blue team holds the reins as soon as the match starts; Lavia is unstoppable at the net and leads his to an ever greater stretch (3-1, 6-3 and 8-4), also thanks to the incisiveness of the hosts' serves (D'Heer's ace for 11-6). The time out called by the guests has some effect; at the restart Maar makes an ace and closes the gap (12-9), but Michieletto pays back in kind for the 14-9. Podrascanin's block, Lavia's counterattacks and other three aces by Michieletto pave the way to let Trento win the first set (16-9 and 21-9), which goes to the change of court already up 25-15.
Monza tries to reply at the start of the second set (1-3, Davyskiba's block on Kaziyski), but its breakaway attempt is immediately stopped by Itas Trentino, with Lavia, as always, who gets the tie already at 5 and then gets a point more also thanks to Szwarc's difficulties at the net (10-7). The guests seek refuge in a time out, but then, even if consistently achieving the sideout phase (12-9, 16-13, 17-14), they are no longer able to get closer to their opponents. In the end the yellow-blue team took over (21-15), taking advantage of Micheletto’s good moment at the net and Lavia’s razor-sharp serves. Podrascanin's block on Maar is worth 25-18 and the set victory for 2-0.
Vero Volley tried again in the third set (1-3 and 2-6), drawing fully from Galassi's serve and the scoring streak of their hitters. Lorenzetti takes a break and immediately gets concrete results by means of Kaziyski and Lavia's breakpoint phases (7- 8). The duel continues in a seesaw way in the score of the middle section (9-12, 14-15), with the two teams making and unmaking at breakpoint phase. Lavia's ace, helped by the band, marks the tie at 17 and starts the final point-to-point sprint for the set victory; there is also room for Džavoronok (on court instead of Kaziyski) who, however, commits an invasion at the net that reverses the trend (20-21). Monza gets a breakpoint with Beretta (slash) for 21-23, Itas Trentino climbs back up with Kaziyski (back on court) and Lavia (block on Davyskiba) until 24-24, erasing three set balls. As the set goes beyond the normal score, the hosts wards off another attempt by the guests and closes on the third chance (30-28, Sbertoli's ace).

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