Taranto, 05 February 2023

Gioiella Prisma Taranto-Itas Trentino 0-3, the match report

Match report. Itas Trentino came to the shores of the Ionian Sea without Lisinac (who stayed in Trento to carry out a separated program), which is why Lorenzetti reproposes in the starting six: D'Heer lined up diagonally to Podrascanin; the other five starters are Michieletto and Lavia as hitters, Sbertoli as setter, Kaziyski as opposite and Laurenzano (former Gioiella Prisma player) as libero. Gioiella Prisma replies with Falaschi as setter, Lawani as opposite, Antonov and Loeppky in position 4, Alletti and Larizza as middle blocker, Rizzo as libero. The first spurt is by Lavia, who stops Loeppky's pipe at the block, ensuring +2 (5-3) that lasts only a few seconds, however, because of Antonov's serves and Lawani and Alletti's attacks (5-7). In the middle part of the set they go on to the sound of sideout phase, which allow the hosts to seal their lead until Alletti, always at serve, doesn’t find an ace on Michieletto that makes it 12-15. The yellow-blue team took refuge in a time out but on restart Loeppky stopped Kaziyski at the block and then counterattacked in winning way, handing over the +5 (12-17) and forcing Lorenzetti to interrupt the game again. Later, Itas Trentino switched gears with Sbertoli at serve (two aces) and Kaziyski at the net in position 4: from 15-20 it went to 23-20 with Matey unstoppable and the Ionians players in trouble in reception but also at the net. It looks like the decisive spurt to close the first set and instead Taranto annuls two consecutive set balls to the guests (24-24) again by the hands of Antonov, before surrendering at the third chance thanks to D'Heer's block on Lawani.
In the wake of the comeback victory of the previous set, the Trentino team also got off to a great start in the second set (5-2 and 10-7), pushed ahead by Michieletto and Lavia (scoring a block on Lawani). Taranto replies with the French opposite, as always, and Loeppky (11-11); from there on it goes on point-to-point (15-15), with Itas trying again to run away (21-19) also thanks to Nelli (ace!), but is taken back right on 24-24 by the Ionians players. The yellow-blue team did not take advantage of two set balls, giving one to the opponents and then took advantage of the set with Kaziyski on the third chance (28-26), taking a 2-0 lead.
Gioiella Prisma team gambles everything in the third set and starts fast with serve and counter-attack (3-6); Kaziyski almost single-handedly gets his team back on track right away and, then, they hold the lead well for a long time (10-10 and 13-13), before suffering a new blackout (14-17). Lorenzetti also uses the second time out at his disposal and gets the desired answer because, led by Lavia on serve, his team finds the tie as early as 17. The end is tight; Kaziyski signs the +2 (21-19) and protects it to the end for a suffered but deserved 3-0 success (25-22). In the final passes also Nelli (ace) and Džavoronok (author of the final point of the match) came to the fore.

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