Trento, 19 March 2023

Lorenzetti: "We succeeded in coming back at the tie break"

“Monza was very successful in getting the game back on track after an underwhelming start - explained coach Angelo Lorenzetti at the end of the match - ; it put us in difficulty in reception, which also came with difficulties in our serving. We succeeded in coming back at the tie break and standing up in the most important moment of the match, as already happened in the fifth set of Thursday's Champions League match. The season is really intense, we have some critical situations as a team in terms of physical energy, but now we have to regain at least the mental ones and try to feel less of a strain.”
Game 2 is scheduled for Wednesday 22nd March and will be played at the Arena in Monza at 8.30 p.m. : live on RAI Sport HD, Radio Dolomiti and Volleyball World Tv.

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