Trento, 29 August 2023

Daniele Di Cristina is the new General Manager of Trentino Volley

We want to guarantee a new drive to a Society that perfectly understands how important is to always look forward, to have a bigger vision of the future and a serious and endurable planning ability, in order to keep on being the main character. It was in this optic that Trentino Volley decided to charge Daniele Di Cristina, Top Manager with experiences in large multinationals, with the Club direction. Today, he has been officially presented to the press at Trentino Marketing headquarter.
Born in Trentino, fifty-two years old in November, Di Cristina will be in charge of corporate management, personally taking care of the administrative, commercial and organizational aspects of the Sodalizio Campione d'Italia. The new director will be active from Tuesday, September 5th.
“I have to say that, two years after my designation as President of Trentino Volley, I’m very proud of what we created – stated Bruno Da Re - . The Society's Governance defined in 2021 is on its way. We have faced significant cultural change and it hasn’t always been easy. Daniele will just keep on marking the path we already drawn: a future-oriented initiative that looks to the continuity of the Enterprise, its economic and managerial sustainability. Entering the team is a Manager who has demonstrated open-mindedness in the field and great attention to people and the talents they express. It is a human characteristic that resembles us; we bring it on the field every time we play”.
“Taking this role in such a Society is an enormous pleasure as a Manager, as sport person, and as a Trentino citizen – that was Daniele Di Cristina's first statement as director of Trentino Volley - . I dedicated most of my work life to all other things and I’ve never thought of such a radical change. Well, I really wanted to fix my path of course. I wanted to come back in Trentino, which is a choice of life, both for me and my family. Going from machine engineering to volleyball was not down to plan. But I convinced myself as soon as I saw this Society and I met all of this beautiful people. A wonderful challenge awaits me and I like to think that all I’ve experienced as a Manager in countries that are so far away and different from Italy could help me with Trentino Volley, too. My involvement in Enactus will also help to achieve our goals: looking to the greater good by giving space to talent and dialogue between different worlds (Academy and Enterprise in that case) is the winning approach of this Company as well.”
Among those at the event were also local authorities, who welcomed and wished the new Director General well in his work through the words of Maurizio Rossini (CEO of Trentino Marketing) and Roberto Stanchina (Deputy Mayor of Trento).

Daniele Di Cristina, new director of Trentino Volley, was born in Trento on November 5th 1971. He graduated in material engineering at Università degli Studi di Trento. From 2013 to the present, he was vice president and general manager of Carlisle Brake & Friction, a company that designs and manufactures high-performance braking systems, systems and clutch transmission friction products for agricultural equipment, off-road, on-road, aircraft and other industrial applications.
Since December 2022, he has held the position of General Counsel of Fondazione Cariverona.
He is currently President of Enactus Italia and a Member of the World General Council of Enactus, an international nonprofit organization that brings together university students, academics and business leaders in the shared pursuit of developing innovative entrepreneurial actions with ethical and social aims and for a more sustainable world.

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