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SuperLega, new home match on Sunday: guide to Itas Trentino-Farmitalia Catania (6 pm)

The seventh round of the regular season SuperLega Credem Banca 2023/24 is being played this weekend. Itas Trentino will once again be the protagonist in front of their home crowd, hosting Farmitalia Catania on Sunday, November 26th at the ilT Quotidiano Arena in Trento in the championship spin-off scheduled for 6 p.m. Live on Radio Dolomiti and live streaming on the OTT Volleyball World Tv platform.
HERE ITAS TRENTINO The italian champions conclude with Sunday's match the weekly triptych of home matches that has so far seen them win 3-1: last Sunday against Monza, Thursday night against Ljubljana. Conceding the trio with Catania would confirm their unbeaten streak in the regular season, while at the same time allowing them to look with greater confidence and serenity at the three consecutive away matches that the calendar proposes immediately afterwards (Tours, Civitanova and Modena).
“It is important to continue on the path undertaken, always keeping the focus on growth in terms of quality and continuity of play, because it is from all of this that the result of the match against Catania will pass - presented coach Fabio Soli - . Rarely in the Italian championship, you get victories without good performances; with Monza from this point of view we had offered the best volleyball of the season despite a false start, while four days later with Ljubljana we did not show the same level despite we had been able to approach the match well. In Sunday's match we will therefore have to provide new impetus to our hunger for the game, combining Thursday's good start with the continuity of the last three sets played last Sunday. The Sicilians are an experienced opponent, who are proving to be tough and combative in every match”.
The Trentino coach will have the whole squad available; even Nelli, who was in the stands on Thursday evening following the Champions League opener due to discomfort in his right knee, will be back among those available. The preparation for the match will be completed with this afternoon's training session and with Sunday morning's final training session. On this occasion Trentino Volleyball will play its 578th regular season match in the Italian men's championship, the 459th home match ever.
THE OPPONENTS The impact with the most beautiful and difficult championship in the world has not been easy, but in the first six days Farmitalia Catania has already given ample proof of having all the right cards to fight to the end for confirmation in the category. The home victory against Cisterna and the ability to fight point to point, always in front of their own public, against top-ranked teams such as Verona and Milan have confirmed this impression, bearing in mind that so far the Sicilians have only played against top teams such as Perugia, Piacenza and Civitanova. The club, originally from Aci Castello, made a triple leap in the summer, moving from Serie A3 to the SuperLega after winning promotion to Serie A2 and acquiring the rights from Vibo Valentia. In order to try to do well in the top category, a roster was set up that can count on the class and experience of director Orduna, opposite Buchegger (both returning from a good season in the Tonno Callipo jersey) and libero Cavaccini (sixth receiver in the tournament), but also on players accustomed to the SuperLega such as the hitter spikers Basic and Randazzo and middle blocker Bossi. They have been joined by Serbian No. 3 Masulovic (Podrascanin's national team-mate) and Iranian hammer Manavinezhad (ex-Verona), who, however, will be out for a long time due to an injury suffered in the match seven days ago against the Scaligeri. Coach Cesar Douglas (also returning from a Vibo Valentia year) can also count on former Piacenza and Milan 3-man Tondo and on the pair Zappoli and Frumuselu, the only two elements also present in the previous season's squad.
BACKGROUND Sunday's match will be the first ever confrontation between the two clubs. Trentino Volley has only faced Sicilian teams (Palermo) twice before, in its first season of men's activity (2000/01), winning at home and losing away, always in four sets.
THE REFEREES The match will be directed by Antonella Verrascina (from Rome, in Serie A since 2017 and international since 2021) and Ilaria Vagni (from Perugia, on the roster since 2003 and international since 2014), in their second and third matches of the season in SuperLega Credem Banca 2023/24 respectively. The only meeting with men's Trentino Volleyball for Verrascina corresponds to the 3-0 home win over Taranto on 13 November 2022, while for Vagni it dates back to 28 October (3-2 over Taranto in the first home match of the season).
RADIO, INTERNET AND TV The match will be reported live by Radio Dolomiti, media partner of Trentino Volleyball. The frequencies to listen to the regional network can be found on the website, where it will also be possible to follow the live radio commentary in streaming.
Also confirmed is the live video streaming on the OTT platform "Volleyball Tv"; the service is pay-per-view. More information on how to use it can be found at
On television a summary will be broadcast on Monday November 27th at 21.45, on RTTR - Trentino Volleyball's media partner.
On the Internet, point-to-point updates will be provided by the Lega Pallavolo Serie A website ( and by and will be available on the Gialloblù social networks (, and
TICKET OFFICE The match is included in both types of season tickets offered for this season by Trentino Volleyball (full and basic). You can still buy tickets for the single match at any time on the internet by clicking The coupons will also be available on Sunday at the ticket offices of the ilT Quotidiano Arena, open from 5 p.m., the same time at which the entrances to the arena will also open.

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