Tours (France), 29 November 2023

Tours, Soli: "Team character is forged especially in situations like tonight’s"

"We expected a difficult and complicated match, and that's exactly what we got. - commented Trentino Itas coach Fabio Soli at the end of the match in France - We needed to draw on all our temperamental and mental energies to bring it home, putting our hearts and patience on the court. In the end, we achieved a very important result in a traditionally challenging environment for Trentino Volley. I am somewhat happy to have suffered, because team character is forged especially in situations like tonight’s, definitely not comfortable."
The next match in the 2023 CEV Champions League will be played on December 13 in Rzeszow (Poland) against the home team Resovia. Before that, the yellow-blue Team will be in action on Sunday, December 3, in Civitanova (6:00 PM) and on Sunday, December 10 (6:00 PM) in Modena, for the eighth and ninth rounds of the SuperLega, respectively.

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