Civitanova Marche (Macerata), 03 December 2023

Civitanova, Soli: "It was a match of great substance on our part"

"It was a match of great substance on our part. - said Itas Trentino coach Fabio Soli at the end of the match - Between serve and reception, we were good at forcing things a bit, accepting more errors than usual but still finding the fruits we wanted, facilitating our block-defence system. We had the right patience in playing the attack action multiple times; we endured, always keeping the opponent at a safe distance. The final score might suggest a dominant victory, but it really wasn't. We have to thank Michieletto for the monstrous performance he put on in a not-so-easy situation."
Itas Trentino returned to Trento during the night; in the morning they started preparing for the next SuperLega match, scheduled for Sunday, December 10, at 6:00 PM at the PalaPanini in Modena against Valsa Group (ninth round of the regular season).

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