Modena, 10 December 2023

Modena, Soli: "We were not invincible before, but we are not so bad now"

"We knew that sooner or later a defeat in the championship would come," Itas Trentino coach Fabio Soli said at the end of the match. "It came this evening due to the merits of Modena, who grew a lot during the match, especially in the serve fundamentals. Initially we were doing very well with this type of serve weapon, then the Valsa Group took over. We had important resources to try to respond shot by shot even with the reception in trouble, but our general decline did not allow us to do so effectively. We were unable to suffer, forgetting what we could achieve even on complicated occasions like this. We were not invincible before, but we are not so bad now either; it is a defeat that must teach us something".
Itas Trentino will also stay in Emilia tonight and then fly directly to Poland on Monday morning, where they will play the last round of the first leg of Pool B of the 2024 CEV Champions League on Wednesday December 13th at 18:00 at home to Asseco Resovia Rzeszow. In SuperLega, on the other hand, the closest match on the calendar is scheduled for Sunday, December 17th at 3.45 p.m. at Trento's ilT quotidiano Arena for the home summit match with Perugia (11th round of the regular season).

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