2021/2022 Season

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  VIP S Euro 290,00 Euro 45,00
  BEST R-T-X-Z Euro 180,00 Euro 30,00
  BEST Reduced R-T-X-Z Euro 160,00 Euro 27,00
  GRADINATA A-B-C-K-D-E-F-G-H--I-V-L-M-N Euro 150,00 Euro 25,00
  GRADINATA Reduced A-B-C-K-D-E-F-G-H--I-V-L-M-N Euro 140,00 Euro 20,00
  TRIBUNA EST Numbered sector Euro 110,00 Euro 17,00
  TRIBUNA EST REDUCED Numbered sector Euro 100,00 Euro 14,00
  CURVA SECTOR Numbered sector Euro 95,00 Euro 14,00
  CURVA SECTOR REDUCED Numbered sector Euro 80,00 Euro 12,00
  CURVA Gislimberti SECTOR
(only for membership)
Numbered sector Euro 70,00 -

SUBSCRIPTION. The membership card will be on sale starting from Monday the 29th of November, only at the offices of Trentino Volley in Trener street 2 in Trento. It will be valid for nine home games that will be played between the 29th of December 2021 and the 3rd of April 2022. These are: the six rematches of regular season of SuperLega, the two remaining matches of Pool E of Champions League and an additional one among Coppa Italia or the  Championship Play-Off.

PREEMPTION AND PRIORITY. The subscribers for the 2019/20 season will be able to exercise the right of preemption and will benefit from this special treatment till Monday the 6th of December. At the same time those who subscribed to the first round 2021/22 will be able to buy a new membership card in the period of preemption. However, this will be only related to unoccupied seats by old subscribers. Compatibly with the obligations and the limitations of protocols in place, the 2019/20 subscribers can ask for the occupied seat in that season. For the Vip and Best sectors the preemption will be granted exclusively to those who possess the subscription to the 2021/22 first round. Starting from Tuesday the 7th of December, the sale will be free and without obligations for every seat that is still available.

REDUCTIONS. The prices will be reduced for the over 65 and the under 18 in every sector (excluded Vip). Those who possess the #TRENTINONELCUORE Card 2020/2021 will be entitled to a dedicated price.

SEATS AND SECTORS. The sectors are five and numbered: Vip, Best, Bleachers, east gallery and stand. Every subscription will be for a specific seat at BLM Group Arena and it cannot be changed even if the capacity of the facility should be increased.

GREEN CERTIFICATION AND MANDATORY MASKS. Only those who have the green certification and wear masks (that must be worn at all times) can enter the facility. The validity of the certification will be checked are the entrance of every single match by the security.

IMPORTANT NOTES. If some matches should be played behind closed doors for reasons that are related to the pandemic and independent from the will of Trentino Volley, the subscription will not grant the access to the BLM Group Arena. However, if the access is granted to a number of people under the quantity of subscription emitted, the very Trentino Volley will decide the access criteria according to the current rules, so as to allow everybody to attend to as many events as possible. Potential refunds will be made only if a specific Decree Law by the Ministry will allow it.   


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